Online Course - eLearning Management Software Solution

eLearning software solutions offers live instructor-led training courses over the internet. The application collaborates with the worlds most reputable IT and professional development training vendors. It offers learning programmers that are both accredited and highly relevant. It's the same high-quality training delivered by expert instructors, but you attend the training course online rather than in person. It quickly and easily provides you with the best IT and business skills courses in the world.

Business Objective

The client desired to provide a comprehensive training service that added real value to the organizations, delegates, and managers who worked with them. They required a centralized and simple yet appealing UI/UX that allows users to navigate with ease.

Technology Stack

Programming Language




Business Solution

Thriving Technologies developed and hosted a custom web application using Microsoft ASP.NET and MySQL on the customer’s hosting provider:
  1. Attractive and Responsive UI.
  2. User friendly process for end user to navigate and buy the course.
  3. Multiple online payment option .
  4. Upcoming Schedules reminder and missed too.
  5. Live help/Live online learning.
  6. Facility of adding event to calandar and shared course.