Cloud Computing Services

With our experienced team, we bring reliable and proven expertise to drive outcome-based modernization.

Utilizing our extensive expertise in Cloud & DevOps to assist clients in defining, implementing, and managing their Cloud journey with reduced cost and maximum scalability. We work together with them and always strive in their best interests because our success depends on the success of our clients.

Use cloud computing services that provide rapid access to adaptable and affordable IT resources to support your company's crucial business activities. You can practically instantly access as many resources as you need and only pay for what you need. Using cloud services will help you manage your IT services more easily and productively.

Our Approach

Thriving offers incredibly efficient and dependable cloud computing services to assist organisations in easily adopting the cloud. The entire computing process is made simple and successful by our strategic approach, which includes assessment, planning, deployment, and optimization.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration strategy allows us to move a company's digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications partially or completely into the cloud, primarily from on-premises data centres or from any cloud environment.



Utilizing container-based virtualization gives you better control on how we deploy,   manage, and scale applications and clusters within microservices

DevOps as a service

DevOps as a service

To improve productivity, cut costs, and shorten time to market, we automate the whole delivery pipeline across cloud platforms. We handle everything, from evaluating your present DevOps procedures to setting up automation, transforming processes using the best technologies available, and maintaining the delivery pipeline

Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Cloud security services are provided by Thriving Cloud using a comprehensive methodology. Our policies and tools are developed to address both internal and external threats to company security. As businesses implement their digital transformation strategy and integrate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure, they need cloud security. We support effective discussion with our clients so that we may establish shared benchmarks and business priorities accordingly

Cloud Computing Model

We are able to create custom cloud-based solutions. Using this potential, our clients streamline their operational procedures to make the most of cutting-edge cloud service technology. Our enterprise level cloud services offer safe, scalable, and on-demand cloud solutions.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Thriving offers cloud-based workplace mobility by enabling work flexibility with mobile SaaS software and an on-demand software platform for creating, deploying, and managing cloud-based apps.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

We provide cross-platform, multi-tenant apps, opening up new possibilities for software development.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Including storage, hardware, servers, and networking components, we outsource the components necessary to support operations. The configuration of each component is the responsibility of the provider we have collaborated with, much like the PaaS service model.

Our Solutions on the Leading Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure


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Thriving Technologies, the best Cloud Transformation Service company is the right partner to help create the digital enterprise of future for businesses of all sizes, from those just beginning their cloud migration journey to those wishing to greatly boost the value they receive from their existing cloud investments.