Microfinance Lending Software


The Client offers Consumer loans, Personal loans, SME’s business loans and flexible repayment plans that meet specific financial needs.


Financial Services

Business Requirement

The client desires off-the-shelf on-premises loan management software that will centralize customer and financial data, automate lending and borrowing processes, and control loan repayment. The existing software did not provide the full range of required functionality and could not be efficiently tailored to the Customer's specific loan management requirements.

Our Solution

Our lending software solution provides the robust automation of the Customer’s specific lending-related processes with below key features:

  1. Loan applications and contracts are created and submitted automatically.
  2. Loan documents are generated automatically in accordance with federal and state regulations.
  3. Customer credit rating automated verification (based on the history of collaboration with a client and the data provided by credit bureaus).
  4. Debt collection process that is automated.
  5. Real-time updates on loans granted, loan repayments received, and loan repayments due with configurable dashboards.

Technology Stack